Diverse Aspects To Be Taken Into Account While Deciding On Playground Design

A playground is a place specifically designed for the kids to play and is found mostly outdoors. The playground is somewhat different from a park. A park is a place where both kids and adult spend a relaxing time.  Playground design is not made randomly. Rather they are made with many considerations about the safety and cognitive development of children. Modern playgrounds are specifically designed as per the modern days need and requirements of the kids.

The contemporary playground designs come with interactive outlays and some intriguing and recreational types of equipment like a seesaw, merry-go-round, swingset, slide, jungle gym, chin-up bars, trapeze rings and mazes which not only gives the full enjoyment but also plays a pivotal role in developing child’s physical strength and flexibility. There are several playground designs innovated nowadays, but before choosing a perfect playground design, one should be completely aware with the postulates attached with the developing a playground design for the kids around you.
Playground Designs
Playground Designs

Postulates while choosing a playground design

There are many playground designs available in the market, which are not only unique but also provides the best of equipment to keep the children engaged. But, before choosing or rather making a playground design one should know the basic principles for the playground designs to give the best to the “Futures of Tomorrow”.

Here are the basic 10 principles one should follow while making a playground design:

  1. Playgrounds should be designed to cater to different types of plays: It's a hard truth that most of the playground designs only keep an eye on the active and physical types of plays that Kids can indulge with. However, children use different types of plays and games to understand this world in their own way as it is the way cognitive development takes place. One should consider this essential aspect while designing a playground. Include games or playing equipment’s which promotes actions such as running, jumping, smelling flowers and plants, drumming, singing and dancing, creative drawing, manipulative plays like building, molding, stacking, combining, wrestling, daydreaming, and many more like these.
  1. A Playground should have a meaning with it: Meaning should be added in playground design. A playground without a meaning feels so incomplete and very generic in nature. The playground should be able to connect with the children Infusing some props into the playground designs like a dollhouse, shops, and focus on the cultural specifications which anyhow need to be imparted to our younger generations. Make them enlighten on how the bigger and important things are being made like buildings, kitchens, etc.
  1. Every child has their own creativity, trust them: We as adults have an ability to design playgrounds with our knowledge and skills. But, we should not forget that playground designs are made aimed for the Kids. One should explore their creative ideas before making a blueprint of the playground design.
  1.  Add the element of surprise to it: Therefore, when a playground is designed, there should be some places which a little surprise and secret elements in them should have that can be discovered by the kids. Like, having talking tubes, interesting textures, secret hiding places and many more such minute but interesting details can add that surprise and secret element into the playground design. This helps them unleash their imaginative and logical reasoning.
  1. Make Nature a part of the Playground Design: The best playgrounds considered are the ones which have a part of Nature within them. Tree houses, tree limbs for climbing, river rocks, sandbox etc. Incorporate as much as possible nature into your playground design. Like having a small garden, trees, different flowers, boulders, and many more such things. In this era of environmental globalization, having Nature as a part of the playground design is a very noble thought and required for the kids.
Playground Designs
Playground Designs
These are a few of many principles one should follow to make a playground of the kids that does not just provide an area for them to play, but make them a better human being by interacting with them in these and many other forms and ways. A good playground design should encourage a child’s creativity. This will make them be a better, creative and a much more intelligent human being.

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